Jesse Baro Inc. operators are trained to transport nonhazardous residual/municipal waste, construction waste and demolition debris. The firm company is qualified to handle hauling for new cell construction to expansion to final closure cap construction at landfill sites.  

Combining landfill disposal with land application provides the beneficial use of biosolids, industrial residuals and food process residuals. Baro’s inhouse staff has extensive experience in biosolid and residual management for handling all aspects of land application.


Biosolids quality evaluations
Biosolids permitting
Residual permitting
Farm site qualification
Hauling services
Spreading services
Site management
Conservation planning


Biosolids – wastewater solids generated by modern wastewater treatment plans, treated to a level to meet the land application standards in federal and state land application regulations.  Biosolids are primarily an organic byproduct of wastewater treatment that can be beneficially recycled.

 – the final disposition of biosolids that makes no attempt to recover the nutrients and use in a beneficial way. Landfilling and incineration are considered disposal.

Beneficial Use
 – the recycling of nutrients and organic matter into the soil through the land application of biosolids in a manner that does not harm the environment or threaten public health and safety.