Exceptional customer service. I can’t say enough about the staff. The service they’ve provided to me and my business over the years has been the best. Always prompt and always professional...

Carl LaMastra
The LaMastra Group, P.C.
Royersford, PA



The Start

Jesse Baro began when founders Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baro purchased their first truck in 1927.

Second Generation

Jesse Baro was incorporated in 1955, and late in the fifties, the founders passed on the responsibility of carrying out their vision for service and dependability in hauling to the second generation of owners, Lawrence Baro, Jesse Baro, Jr. and Anthony Baro.


Stephen C. Baro was named president of Jesse Baro Inc. in 1995, and along with his three partners—David, Thomas and Anthony Baro—continues to steer the company’s growth and direction. As a family team of employees, the company strives to uphold the strong ethical values of its founders, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baro. Today, over 45 members of the Baro employee team drive the organization.

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