The Jesse Baro Inc. reputation as a stellar family-owned and -operated hauling company is known throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Since 1927, Jesse Baro Inc. has grown and prospered due to the company’s absolute commitment to customer service serving the general construction, industrial and municipal industries. Jesse Baro Inc. also delivers on a complete range of environmental transportation services for various customers in both the private and public sectors. 

This includes hauling for landfills, beneficial use, incineration and treatment facilities. The expanded service area now reaches into northern Pennsylvania and the Marcellus shale region of the state. Today, Jesse Baro’s well-maintained fleet of equipment has the capacity to haul on any given day more than 40 company and owner-operated tri-axle and truck-trailer units of debris, with the connections to add more volume for large, long-term service contracts. Headquartered in Douglassville, PA, Baro is vertically integrated with fully-equipped maintenance facilities and administrative office located here.

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Jesse Baro Inc.’s modern and diversified fleet of tri-axles dump trucks, roll-off container trucks and tractor-trailer units consists of:

• Steel bodies

• Aluminum bodies with bed liners

• Walking floor trailers

• Tank trailers

• Flatbed trailer

• Low-boy equipment trailer

• Roll-off truck with 15, 20 and 30 cubic yard containers

• Bath tub and demolition trailers with swing gates

• Sealed tailgates with turnbuckles for guaranteed load containment

Please contact us for your next hauling project. Hundreds of customers in both the public and private sectors have helped the company establish a proven record of completing even the most difficult projects and exceeding customer expectations.